ProcessView® Software

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ProcessView® Software allows you to Control Profiles, Data Logging, Trending, Alert Notifications, Easy PID Tuning, Historical Graphing and  Data Archiving to your Environmental Chamber, Oven or Furnace Network.  Up to 50 F4T/F4 or PM Series controls can be networked and monitored on a network.  Supports Windows 7 and Windows 10 Operating Systems. Great WatView replacement!  21 CFR Part 11 Compliant!



Windows 7 or 10 Software for Watlow® F4T, Legacy F4 or Series PM Control Networks.

ProcessView® Software is a dedicated Data Acquisition Program for interfacing to Watlow F4T, Legacy F4, and Series PM Controllers on a local network.  Because it is dedicated, all the screens are already set up and ready to use without having to create or develop screens saving you time and money like other SCADA software packages!  Watview® Replacement!

The software has the following features that get you up and running quickly:

  • Up to 50 Watlow F4T, Legacy F4  and Series PM Controls embedded in a chamber or furnace can be monitored and or controlled on a local Network
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications.
  • All data can be uploaded to a Cloud Database service that enables anyone with secure access to access the data in real-time!
  • Web Server allows for remote PC/Smart Phone access to read-only Profile Status and Process Data!
  • Watlow’s new F4T Controllers can be added to your existing RS-485 Legacy F4 Controller Network
  • Supports Windows 7/10 Operating Systems
  • Control and check the status of each F4T, F4 or Series PM loaded profile
  • Up to 8 analog inputs and 4 Control PID loops are supported for monitoring or control for each F4T, F4 or Series PM Controller
  • 2 Limit Controls are supported for each F4T Controller or PM Series Controller
  • Configurable Real-Time Trending of user-selected data parameters
  • CSV or Encrypted formats are supported for Data Logging
  • Built-in read-only Web Server allows for remote PC or smart access!
  • Audit trail, digital signatures, and advanced password management system for security and tamper-proof data files.
  • Data that is being logged can be viewed in real-time to ensure correct operation
  • Bar/QR Scanner is supported, which keeps Operators from making typing mistakes.  Loading Profiles or adding Batch/Profile Run information is supported
  • User notes can be added while the data is being logged or after a Profile/Batch has been completed
  • Trend Plots can be archived via hard copy printer or PDF files for Quality Control requirements
  • Dedicated Tuning Screen aids in Tuning PID Control Loops
  • Alarm or End of Profile Notification via Email or GSM Cellular Text Messages allows updated status anywhere in the world
  • Profile Status can be accessed via Cellular text messaging from anywhere in the world
  • All Labels are can be customized to make the software more intuitive to the user and simplify the user interface for operators
  • Password Security for different levels of users provides secure access
  • F4T internal CSV Datalog files can be graphed, viewed and archived for Quality Control requirements
  • Alarm management is supported by up to 8 process alarms
  • Tolerance bands can be displayed on the trend graph for Quality Control requirements
  • All Profile Status, Alarm Status and Event Outputs changed by the user are data logged for Quality Control requirements
  • Supports Watlow RUI Gateways, both Ethernet TCP and Modbus RTU serial communications.  This makes retrofits easy since all EZ-Zone PM’s and F4T’s come with STD Bus communications!

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