What’s your return policy for ProcessView®?

Because ProcessView® is downloaded with a Product Key there are no return or refunds.  Please make sure you try out the Demo version first and make sure it meets your needs and expectations before purchasing the product.

What Operating Systems does the ProcessView® software support?

Currently, the software runs on Windows operating systems only.  Windows 7 or above is required for the software.  We recommend a larger monitor for the best user interface as well if possible.  A minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution works best.  Bigger the better!

Do you have technical support for ProcessView®?

Of course! Please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can to answer your questions.  There is a comprehensive help file in the software that will answer many of your questions as well.

How does the ProcessView® communicate with the Watlow® F4T Controllers and or Watlow® F4  or PM Series Controllers?

There are multiple ways to configure your network.  The software communicates via  RS-485 Serial Port on a Network with mixed Watlow® F4T controllers that have a serial Modbus communications option and Watlow® F4 Controllers providing maximum flexibility.  The software can also communicate via Modbus/TCP over hardwired Ethernet or it can communicate wirelessly if the Watlow® F4T is interfaced to a wireless router and you have wireless capability on your desktop or laptop computer.  The software can communicate on separate networks (Ethernet and RS-485 simultaneously) with both Watlow® F4T, Watlow® F4 controllers or PM Series controllers.

What Cloud SQL Database Services are supported by ProcessView®?

ProcessView® software is compatible with Microsoft Azure® and Amazon AWS RDS® Cloud Database services which make up the majority of the business cloud database services.  All data uploaded to the Cloud can then be retrieved by anyone with secure access from anywhere in the world!

Can I add extra sensors on my Chamber/Oven Network for logging or monitoring Part Temperatures with ProcessView®?

Yes, ProcessView® supports external RS-485 sensor devices that have multiple sensor inputs such as the Watlow® RM Scanner Module that allows you to add up to 16 external sensors for reading Temperature, Pressure or Humidity in your application.