Why the Software was Developed

Existing Watlow® Legacy F4 Controllers embedded in Environmental Chamber Networks use outdated Data Acquisition Software Packages that only run on Windows XP operating systems like Watview® software.  ProcessView® can replace your current Data Acquisition Software and run on new Windows 7 or 10 operating systems for increased performance.  In addition, it allows you to add new Environmental Chambers that have Watlow’s new F4T controller,  Watlow Legacy F4 Controller, or Watlow PM controller to your current network.  It’s all about the Data!  The ability to data log and upload data to Cloud Database services or a SQL Server makes it easy for anyone with secure access in your company to access data.  All parameters can be data logged and real-time trend graphs can be archived as well for record-keeping.  Encrypted data logging is supported as well for tamper-proof requirements by industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, and Automotive. A built-in Web Server allows remote PC or Smart Phone access to your Profile Status or Process Data!

About the Software Author

The software was developed by Glenn Vinson.  He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has experience in lots of different industries.  His Software Engineering background started when he was working for a Semiconductor Capital Equipment company in Silicon Valley as a Hardware/Software Design Engineer.  He has an IOS Software App published on the Apple Itunes Store that does complex Heat Transfer calculations that can be used to determine power requirements for heating fluids and gas streams as well as solid objects.

He has also had positions in Industrial Sales and Marketing and has traveled to many customer sites to experience first hand what customer’s requirements are.  His vast knowledge and experience allowed him to design and develop a useful software tool that when combined with the Watlow F4T, Watlow F4 or Watlow PM Controller makes a very feature-rich system that increases customer productivity and meets several Quality Control requirements in Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, and Automotive industries.

Next Steps…

Download the free “test drive” software from this website and give it a try.  We are confident that it will meet or exceed your expectations and you will want to purchase the software to enhance your current Watlow F4T,  F4, or PM Control application.