Upgrade your Watlow F4T, D4T, Legacy F4, and EZ-Zone PM controller networks with ProcessView Data Acquisition Software. This software is specifically designed to add value to your Watlow controllers with no programming required and outperforms other more expensive software packages on the market. Compatible with Windows 7/10/11 operating systems, it allows for the use of new PC technology and supports up to 50 Watlow F4T’s, Legacy F4, and EZ-Zone PM controllers embedded in environmental chambers, furnaces, or ovens on a local network.

Easily add new Watlow F4T controllers to your existing network and upload logged data to popular database cloud services or an SQL server for secure access from anywhere in the world or within your enterprise. Utilize Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technology to give remote users access to all data on a remote PC. Generate customizable quality assurance reports for quality control documentation and process statistics for every batch or process run. Upgrade your controller networks with ProcessView Data Acquisition Software for improved productivity and data management. Check out our website for more information and software screenshots.

Now supports Watlow RUI Gateways and STD BUS for easy retrofits!

These are some of our delighted customers currently using ProcessView: